My Galio Guide Please comment.

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So i would like to talk to you all about my Galio play.

I noticed im the only one i see playing him in ranked games.

People use Ahri, Kat, Orianna, Akali, Talon, Zed, and Mantheon vs Galio.

What i have seen so far playing ranked.

I would like to tell you my build and tips on my Galio play.

Runes: +30.7 Magic Resistance and 8.5 Magic Pen.

Masteries: The same as all AP masteries.

Starting Item boots + 3 health bots. Stay in lane till you hit lvl 5.

lvl 1: Q
lvl 2: E
lvl 3: Q
Lvl 4: E
lvl 5: Q
Lvl 6: R (max out Q then E then W)

Once you hit lvl 5 you can Q then E the back wave to kill them instantly. Go back for a

chalice of harmony. and some wards (2 wards). Go back to lane farm up, and poke middle laner.

If facing kat, wait until she dashes to you. you know its coming, when it does Q/E the **** out of her, if she ults, counter with your ult to stop hers, and most likely kill her.
kat has no mana so its hard to stay in lane with her without mana. Make sure you always get 2nds blue and up. even with a chalice galio is a mana hungry player.

Depending on who you are fighting mid may it be talon/zed. My main thing as a galio mid. BAN MANTHEON!!!!!! He owns Galio. Hes the only player i lose to in mid. Anyways back to the build.
You get Tabi boots. Let me Break it down on the building order.

Starting Game Items: 2 faerie charms, 3 health pots or boots health pots. (I prefer the faerie.) Reason you need the mana, and if jungler ganks, you got the Q for slow and the E for the speed.

When you go back for your first back to base. Get the Chalice and two wards.

When you have enough for boots get the boots, Now depending on who you are facing. If its AD mid Talon, lee, or zed get Tabis, If its AP get a Merc.

Now that you have chalice, and upgraded boots (Tabi or Mercs) you will be working on Abyssal Scepter.

After Abyssal it comes down to who you are facing mid again.
If its vs an AP mid build a Death Caps.

If you are facing a AD mid you will build Seeker's Armguard. Once you have Seekers Armguard you will start build the Death caps.

After DeathCaps you will be working to build a Banshees.

Once you Get Banshees you will then upgrade Seeker's Armguard to an Hourglass, and Depending on how the games going you will build the last item as a GA or Warmogs just to be a pain. I know its a bad guide to play Galio I will work on a guide soon
that better explains how to play galio.

My stats

And my Main account that was perma so you can see my Season 2 stats as Galio for those who want proof i played galio alot

please feel free to comment ask questions.

Thank you hope you all like the build.

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Why start with boots? Galio doesnt need the mobility all that much, esp vs someone like panth who has no skillshots. A cloth armor would help a lot more.

Tabi have good armor but you are sacrificing your damage for it. Panth doesnt acutally AUTOATTACK! Tabi does nothing vs his spears and pokey thing. You can get a chainmail or cloth and turn it into something else later, not tabi.

Cloth+5pots vs AD like panth will help you significantly.

I would also note that 1 level in your Shield can be pretty helpful. When you see something flying toward you, self-Shield. It will give you 30 MR/armor vs it, AND heal you some.
Assume panth. He Leaps, you shield, he lands, autoattacks you and spears you.
You will heal about 75 pts plus .8AP ratio approx from the 4 hits.

I agree that Chalice is a good item to rush.
Athenes is quite solid for Galio and he needs teh CDR badly.
Abyssal is a decent choice for him .
Seekers to Hourglass too.

I recommend Sorc shoes ALWAYS, and haunted guise as a possibility. The health, AP, mpen is very valuable. You REALLY need some health...just getting resists dont cut it in S3.