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Random rage thread - Rage pls (if you are sick of LoL)

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I don't want to see ANY other Blitztards or Ezraels anymore. Just in every ****ing match, just annoying all the time meanwhile.

And Kata snowballs in 90% of the games I encounter her without actually being the midlaner myself and even if my lane is warded almost all the time. And then she gets unstoppable even wtih CC, and if you don't even have that in your blind pick match you are ****ed. Oh, not to mention that a 10/2 kata kills everything even without her ult.

Getting bugsplats because of the new shop GUI sucks (I assume this to be the case). Is even worse than Teemo, I swear!

Especially if your client wants to update after this so you can't even reconnect.

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My Desired Name

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I hate Darius.