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I love singed

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What does he do? Disrupt. Initiate. Run in circles. Use cc to disrupt. Do a bit of AoE damage. Etc.

Okay great. Sounds like almost every single tank in the game.
But what about his scalings?

Singed for gets bonus health from every point of bonus mana he has. Most mana items in the game offer resistances or more health.
Which means, singed gets atrocious amounts of health despite only having a rod of ages as his only actual health item.
Frozen heart, banshee's veil, rod of ages, and boots of mercury for a build means that you're rockin' ~3k health, around 200 armor, close to 70 mr, and you can't be held down for long.

So Singed with 3k health, 200+ armor, and 70+ MR is going to be INCREDIBLY hard to kill.
Not to mention his ulti which is probably the single greatest steroid in the game [boosts everything but AD]

So what does singed do?

Run at the enemy like a madman, fling somebody important onto a puddle of goop, run around the enemy spamming /L, then run away before you go under 500hp.

9/10 times you won't die. 9/10 times you won't ACTUALLY kill someone doing that... unless they decide it's a good idea to chase you... after all, you have less that 500 life, you can't be that hard to kill...

Needless to say, unless you get cornered, or someone like ashe has a very strong continual slow, you don't normally die in teamfights.

Singed dashes in like a maniac totally disregarding his safety and abandoning is sanity, throws chemicals and champions around, runs in circles laughing hysterically, then dashes off laughing even HARDER as people chase him. Slowly dying to the poisons.

Despite being hard as heck to kill, his early game is butts. Literally everyone and their mother can deal with solotop singed.
Not everyone can shut him down, but it's hard to die to him,

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Singed's true power is his global taunt. <--if you really know what this means, your Singed is a force to be reckoned with.