Sion's Passive

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Sion's Passive is seriously lacking compared to every other champion.

He has a 40% chance to reduce Attack Damage by 30/40/50 before Armor is applied. Damage reduction is increased at levels 7 and 13.

This might be a little helpful in the early levels, but late game this is utterly useless. Not to mention it does nothing against Magic Damage. These numbers need be buffed.

Also, I'm supposed to be a motherfugginzombie. If anything Sion should have a passive that also grants him 50% slow reduction (ie: Frozen Mallet would only slow Sion for 20% instead of 40%), and Tenacity 15. I thought Xombies were supposed to be hard to slow down. Considering how much Sion lacks Mobility, it should at least be harder to take his mobility away. Also the Tenacity should have a different name so it could stack w/ items. This way he can build up to Tenacity 50.

Sion is already down an ability which was traded for +65 dmg, and about 300 - 500 health on average. His R relies on Basic Attacks, and his W gets shut down in the blink of an eye. His Q is his only real escape. Not to mention kiting him is extremely easy.