Champion idea: Thrax, the horde king

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So after some thought, i decided to post some champion ideas that i thought would be cool. I don't expect these to be taken too seriously, but i must ask that you please don't troll, these are just ideas that i think would be cool. If you want to give constructive criticism, please try to be nice about it. So anyway, here's one of my ideas.

the horde king


  • War rage (passive): Thrax regenerates 0.8% of his maximum health per second while in combat.
  • Warshout: Thrax yells an enormous war shout, removing all de-buffs on him and allies around him. Casting this ability will also grant bonus AD and AP to himself and nearby allies for a short time.
  • Stomp: Thrax stomps with his mighty boot, damaging and slowing nearby enemies. Also this ability passively grants bonus tenacity to himself and nearby allies.
  • Ork innovation: Thrax craft scrap metal onto his armor and sword. Granting him two separate buffs. One is a large shield, which only ends when the shield is depleted. The other buff goes to his sword, granting him bonus AD, after 6 attacks the scrap metal breaks and the buff is lost. Neither of these buffs stack with multiple uses of the ability.
  • Lets get em' (ultimate): Thrax summons 8 of his smaller ork brethren, these minions health and AD are proportional to Thrak's. Any ork minions within range when Thrax uses war shout, will recieve a movement speed bonus for a short while. Any ork minions around thrax when he uses stomp will be launched into the air away from thrax, if any ork lands on an enemy unti, the enemy will take physical damge before the ork starts to attack. Note that placing the cursor over the stomp ability will show where the orks will land should you activate stomp. If an ork is near thrax when he uses ork innovation, they will recieve a shield equal to a quarter of their health, and dwal extra damage on their next attack.

Lore: Thrax was born on a distant land mass unknown to valoran map makers. There resides a race of brutal, war-loving orks. Thrax was the son of their king and general, and was to inherit his place among the horde. While still in his infancy, Thrax was stolen from his crib by another race at war with the orks. An earthshaking roear was heard from the ork palace when thrax's father discovered his absence.
The captors original plan was to sail the ork heir as far away from his horde as possible. After eight years at sea and in captivity, Thrax found his strength and snapped the neck of his jailer and escaped his cell below deck. After his first kill.Thrax went to killing everyone on ship. Luckily for the young ork, a breeze and a lucky current steered him into the bilgewater port. Upon reaching adulthood, Thrax fought in every war that would take him, from rune wars to bar fights. Thrax relished fighting, but cared not for which side he fought on. Through his crusades, he learned the ability to summon his kin to battle with him, but for some reason he is still unable to summon his father. Thrax neglects to wonder why.
Once the league of legends was formed, he was a warrior without a war. So ultimately he joined the league, to feel the thrill of battle and to gain enough influence to make his way home and reclaim his rightful place at the head of his horde.

So thats one of my ideas. If you liked this one, i have other ideas i could post, including a noise cyborg, a tank (literally), and a madness mage. Thanks for reading.