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[BUG] Nasus Q Fizzles

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Warsong Jag

Senior Member


Played in lane testing against my friend as Vi, myself as Nasus. First noticed the Q started fizzling when he had the shield up and thought it mightve been a buggy interaction between the two, maybe some sort of on-hit and shield modifier or something. Then I noticed my q started to fizzle on minions, repeatedly. I'd activate the q, get the buff notification, and then perform a normal attack on minions. Even when I did kill the minions, there was no addition of points to the Q value either, but that hardly mattered half the time, as Nasus would perform a regular auto-attack.

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King Jag

Junior Member


I was in this game and I can attend to this "q fizzle". Could use some looking into.

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Further testing that I did: The lane matchup was Nasus (me) vs Lee Sin, Both my team and my opponent's team had Vi on Jungle. My Q's would give the buff, damage, and increased damage stat from minion kills up until the point my allied Vi ganked for me. Afterwards, my Q's were hit-and-miss (pun totally intended). Occasionally they would respond as if just auto attacks, then the next would be a Q-buffed like normal with no pattern discernible to me.

Additionally, the bug seemed to resolve itself for a period of time (1-2 minutes maybe) where I would be able to Q successfully every time without problem. The problem started again (almost certainly coincidentally but I can't be positive) when the Enemy Vi's "Rampage/whatever 4 kill streak is" was announced. Literally the next Q after the announcement fizzled like described above and again was spotty for a moderate period of time.

Furthermore, it's probably important to note that the Enemy Vi never came into my lane, near me, in sight of my view radius, or attacked me in any way up until:
The two of us (Enemy Vi and I) met at baron to hash out the described bug, but could not recreate at that point. The following resulted in successful Q-Buffed attacks: 1st attack on her; Vi "wave punch" on me-q attack on her; Vi charge jump on me-q attack on her; Nasus E/pool away from Vi-q attack on her. After that, she decided it was enough and killed me, game soon ended.