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what@!!???? riot! seriously?? kicked out again

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Junior Member


wow.... so i was making sure my thread has posted right or not and it seems like it wasnt posted right.!!!!

second time writing this stupid message to you riot!!
long story short.
in loading page i was kicked out so i reconnect, and there were this stupid long update going on.
obviously, i will be missing my game and all teammates will be reporting me for afk.

this is just not right riot. if i have lower version of patch that you have to kick me out of session already going on, kick me out before i even start queue!!

very disrespectful and whoever the judging people will give me suspend. i hate you riot,

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Our system does not allow the removal of leaves or the modification of ELO. It was designed in this manner in order to prevent corruption. We're currently working on a system to better accommodate disconnects.

From the support FAQ.