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Verbal abuse vs Intentional feeding(Need riot to clarify)

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When someone had a bad game and then the other member on the team starts to bs on that specific person, which causes the person to afk, leave, intentional feeding or not doing anything.

Of course everyone knows afk, leave the game etc are offenses that deserve to get banned. However, doesn't the person who triggered his actions deserve to get banned even more?

I feel in those cases, if only one person who needs to get banned, it should be the guy who curses. Regardless of the result, the one who got bsed will not enjoy the game. Many of them will throw even if they know they will possibly get banned. Therefore, any penalties to them are meaningless. They will do it again under the same circumstance regardless of the consequences. Thus, I think his actions should be pardoned. The one who started the insult, on the other hand, should be permanently banned.

The reason I am posting this is that most people seem to get banned cuz of afk and throwing. The person who causes these actions usually get away and keep doing what he has been doing, further damaging the community. I encourage riot to take this issue more seriously and perm ban more of those who insult, rather than those who threw cuz they cannot stand the insult any longer (ignore button do not work in this case cuz they are already insulted and determined to throw)
The benefits of this policy is that all players will be more aware of one fact: cursing will get u banned more than throwing (triggered by verbal abuse). The reason most players curse and bs in this game today is that they do not think they will get banned for those actions. So they curse from beginning to the end and as long as they dont do anything that throws, they will be fine. In order to create a nicer community, Riot needs to put more pressure on this perspective.

What do you guys think?