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Garen Bug Issues

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I was just in a game playing Garen for one of the first times since the new changes. When I was fighting a Lee Sin, whenever he hit me with Cripple straight into the slow part of it, my passive would not drop. Lee Sin kept running in hitting me with E and backing out without my passive dropping. However when he would just do the first part of dmg, the passive seemed to be dropping correctly. Also, when Lee would auto attack or do a Q the passive would drop correctly. This is the first time I've experienced a bug like this so I don't know if it was just a glitch one game or can be repeated.

I saw that the Shaco would gain about 200-300 hp instantly every time he did his clone which I found was weird in the game also. I had a couple times where I'd be going for my ult he'd clone as my ult animation happened stopping Garen's ult, and then he'd come out of clone with a lot more hp than he went in. I could see some regan, but 200-300 hp instantly is a bit insane for even regan. So that's all the bugs that I've encountered so far.