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Implement a "No elo loss" option for teams playing 4v5 or less in ranked.

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Junior Member


I have a suggestion, and i figured I'd also post it here, maybe developers will take a look. If you agree upon it, please Bump up the post.

Riot, please implement a Feature in Solo Ranked where if a player or more leave and/or goes AFK, the losing team (only if the losing team is the one lacking 1 or more players) will not lose ELO.
The winning team will receive the normal ELO.

It is not fair be any mean, for a so called "competitive play" to make you lose ELO, in a " Solo 5v5 " where you have no relation and/or responsibility for the actions of other players. It creates an unbalanced ELO system overall, promoting the more "lucky" ones.
I have nothing against someone winning a 5v4. Congrats to them, i want them to receive a full ELO reward. All im asking is that :
If a team lacks one or more players, or has an afk for longer than 15 minutes, it should not receive any ELO penalties in case of a loss.

The system could be based on a 15 minute timer. If a player leaves or goes afk for more than 15 minutes, he is considered disconnected. Thus to prevent any exploits where one could leave in the last minute of the game and such.

Thank you.

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Not possible.
Would be abused by others by simply having one person go afk, and the rest enabling this option whenever they were half losing a match.
The only way to actually employ such a method would be to have ALL the elo come from the AFK player, which would pay for the elo that is won, and deter others from going afk ..... since it's like a -60 elo deficit they'd be incurring.