Heimerdinger, after the prepatch..

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Maitre Tikitri

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Firts champion I try : Heimerdinger. Normal, he's my main, but with the new patch I felt like he isn't playable anymore.

- The early game is still the same, but late game I feel like he's just useless.

- His damages are not really good since the other team always have the runic thing, giving 30 mr to everyone.

- With the new ward thing, he can't trap as well as i used to do it before.
- Without FoN, can't do my HR build to counter some champs. (ok it wasn't really good, but funny to play :)

- I don't know why, but i feel his turrets are more useless late game than they were before the patch.

- As you understood, he needs a good early game, so the new archangel staff isn't viable anymore.

- No meki pendent means being weaker in the first 4-5 minutes.

- I didn't find a new item fitting perfectly with him, he just need the old ones even more :
- RoA, if there is assassins, new items don't give enough Hp.
- Void staff, the new mask don't give enough / is too expensive for early mid game.
- Rabadon, even if it got nerfed, heimer need this ap or he does nothing except stuns/blind and slow.

- I tought the speed boost of boots would be great, but i feel like i'm as slow as i was if I compare with the enemies, that are just faster.

- Slows are better than never on him, due that he's unable to 1v1 any champ late game with the new patch( I don't really know why) if i get slow, i almost always die except if my flash is up, but still.

- One big change is about exhaust. My way to fight ganks and adc was to exhaust them and fight in my towers. Now it doesn't work so much, they still do a lot of damages and if i miss stun, I'm dead.

I got really frustrated while playing him tonight, I usually win normal games easy, but now I lost all my games. If you think I am exagerating, try him and comment, you'll see. If you find a way to play him with new items, tell it to me! :)

Can riot see what they are doing to an already bad champ? I played for almost two years, and heimer just got worst with time.. really. Many new champs can counter heimer easily if well played. Heimer only got nerfs for cooldown and mana cost. (If my memory is good)

I think this patch is doing the same thing the last nerf did on urgot. They are not playable. Instead of nerfing every good champs everyone call "op", could riot just boost champions that aren't playable anymore? They did it. On Eve. Now she kill heimer in one combo (mid game), Gj Riot..

I'd like to discuss more about it, but i got to go, so if you have any opinion about this champion, write it there please. Maybe Riot will see it.

*Sorry for my english, I'm french.*


I wrote this because i was frustrated, but I still think it. It's not perfect,so I'll probably re-edit it later. It's not complete, I just wanted to know what do other people think about this. =)