Connection problems!

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I'm having issues with the client - while i'm in lobby/champion select screen my client just crashes and it happens very often. It just disconnects from or something and I can't do anything to fix it so i have to restart game. But when it happens in champ select I can't restart game since it would give me a leave and loss :X So I usually wait 5 mins then restart client hoping game has started and I'll be playing some random champ. But if someone has que dodged I end up losing rating! I WANT MY RATING BACK!

Edit: It's not my internet since i never have lag in-game but I am from Europe. And also its been like that since last patch.

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I want the new Katarina skin too bad.

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Uh could I please get Cassiopeia or Fiora?
Thankyou kind sir for giving the community such a great opportunity.