REQUEST: Option to change Logic Screen Theme

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Anyone else thought of this idea before? I mean think about it, they've created a large amount of login screen themes, yet they switch to new ones quite frequently and the old one gets left in the dust. What if they had a menu where you could switch between all the available themes possible, just for the heck of it. I have to say, I laughed so hard when they made a login theme for the Legendary Nocturne skin, only to have it replaced the next day by Nami.

Also I'd like to be able to hear the music from the login screen after I login as well, instead of it stopping, this would be great for the Nami and Diana soundtracks.
I just feel as of right now, the login music is quite pointless, it takes about 5 seconds to type in your information to login, unless you stay at the login screen for a period of time, you're barely hearing any of it.

(I posted this in the General Forums, but I don't think it belonged there, apologies).