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[Game][Minor] Sound Bug In Summoner's Rift

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Neo Cyrus

Senior Member


I was playing a custom 5v5 in Summoner's Rift as Vi when the game music entirely stopped and and Vi's laugh wouldn't work anymore either. Disabling sound then re-enabling it caused the music to return but the laugh would still make no sound.

Unlike the regular server I noticed that you can no longer laugh/dance/whatever while teleporting back, is that a bug or intended?

As for now I'm going to try a custom 5v5 game as Vi to see if I can reproduce the sound bug. I'm unsure if the sound stopping is related to the new character in any way which is why I didn't post it in the stickied threads, please delete this thread and move the post there if you think that's better.

Edit: Well I tried it again. The music would consistently stop, along with all of the character's sounds. But this time it would repeat and every time disable then re-enabling the sound would restore the character sound as well. Also the emotes while teleporting were working as far as sound goes, but it wouldn't dance like characters can on normal servers. So music/character voice stopping seems reproducible.