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Current Take on Vi (long)

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Okay, so heres my take on Vi

Morello says he likes champs to come out slightly OP as opposed to UP, as it makes balance easier (plus it sells more champs). He has achieved his Goal.

Vi has no short comings. Her Q brings great utility, as it can be used to gap-close, escape over walls, juke, and its applies her W, all while dealing pretty good damage and having a nice ratio. (1.4 at max charge with a still good 0.7 at start.) And this brings me to her W.

Her W is probably her best ability (shouldnt be maxed first, but as an ability by itself, it is very strong.) It applies on her auto attacks, her Q, her ult, and her E (original target hit), which acts a an AA refresher. It procs every three attacks and deals a % of max health as physical damage, reduces the targets armor by 25% and increases her attack speed by a very nice % (30-50%). With the recent changes to penetration and the addition of the new Black Cleaver, Vi can deal almost true damage to most champs who don't exclusively stack armor for most of the game. Having all of these things in one ability is just flat out rediculous. Having two at most would bring her closer to being balanced, so I propose that you remove her AS bonus, as the other stats fit more with her kit and character better.

Now her E. Most champs with good dueling abilities have poor wave clearing, which makes them far more balanced. Vi gets one of the best wave clears for a top lane brusier though. She can just attack, E, attack, E, and the wave is gone once maxed first. And by the time the next wave comes, her e stacks are back, especially after she has a BC or brute. It also gives her nice poke with its range and lets her wreck face in team fights. Oh, and it gives her her passive, which means that any minion harass which would normally come is blocked by a nice 10% of her health shield.

Her ult; Welcome to the WNBA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FGI7R0u3TQ The first female champ that can dunk. She knocks up and suppresses the enemy champ targetted, dashing to them from a pretty nice distance. While she dashes, she is immune to CC (the bane of all current suppression abilites (warwick, Malz, Skarner, Malz, Urgot, MALZ)) and knocks enemies aside, dealing 75% of the damage to them. Oh, and it has a 1.4 bonus AD ratio on it. So basically in team fights, you can dive directly to the squishies without anyone being able to stop you, deal enormous damage to them and anyone between you and them, and be fairly safe as you are shielded for the time your killing them. Sounds about right. After you finished, dash to your next target with Q and proceed to pound their face in till their team surrenders.

Morello, I know you wanted to make a badass chick, buy why not just buff Irelia back to her original levels instead of making this rediculous thing. That said, shes still on PBE and likely not to be released for a while, meaning she can see some serious balance changes as currently she just does everything that Irelia and Jax do in one package.