Minor Game Play Improvements

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While in game there should be a wishlist option, what i mean is having a three slot option to put items that display exactly how much you need for your return trip, this should be on the User Interface. For example: You purchase boots and two health pots in the beginning of the match and as your champion is heading to your respective lane you drag/click cloth armor, two health pots, and a ward on your wishlist boxes; this should also display at all times that you need at least 445 gold to purchase all three in your next return.

In addition to those three wishlist slots have a "Purchase" button that automatically purchases all three with that one click, instead of having to search for all of them again. If the summoner does not have enough he can right click on one of the three boxes that contain their wishlist item and that will delete it from there wishlist, but it still allows them to buy the other two items more efficiently with the 'Purchase" button.

I do realize that this is simple math but i think this will help beginner and advance players alike to have consistently efficient return trips and death downtime. Just a thought! Thank you for your time and comments.