@Meddler: Syndra Clarification

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Originally Posted by Meddler View Post
The initial grab's always had a small check around the cursor for nearby units (nearest unit within a few hundred units) if something's not directly targeted. Is it possible that's what you were seeing?
I did a quick test on the PBE before posting cause I really wanted to make sure that the actual functionality was changed before posting about it, and while it seemed like it, there's a high chance that I just derped. I'll check it again later/soon and make sure.

Regarding the W not grabbing I've seen that occur even when the sphere and cursor are both well within the spell's cast range so there's definitely some other cause.
Yeah, exactly.

EDIT: Well, I couldn't get on the PBE, the queue seems never ending. I'll leave it going tomorrow in the background all day and wait for the "dunk" noise of it getting in.
EDITEDIT: Force of Will is working as intended (only grabs nearest sphere).