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Discussion of BEST/WORST items.

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edit: Note to self. Use KRAP next time...

In S3 many items got nerfed. AD is 10% cheaper while AS, armor, MR, and penetrations cost about 20% more.
A lot of items are barely cost-effective and contain HP5/MP5/mana which falls off mid to endgame.

This is a place to discuss the very best items and the very worst. It should be noted that even the worst items are still better than nothing of course and many have niche uses. But in general, they are suboptimal.

TriForce - BEST. Hardly touched in S3 when most items got crapped on. Was already quite strong. Hence its even better in S3 relatively speaking. 4.2k for 4.6k of stats plus a slow and onHit worth about 1500g typically.

Lichbane - ****. 3k for 2.3k of stats and they nerfed its onHit to 75%. Removed its MR. has 500g of mana which is near-worthless in an endgame item.

Maw of Mal - ****. Bad upgrade to Hexdrinker, paying 1.9k for +6 MR and 30AD (1.2k of stats), plus a really useless passive and slight shield upgrade. Always upgrade this last.

Black Cleaver - BEST. 3k for 3.3k of stats, plus the 30% penetration effect. No garbage stats on this bad boy and only the %pen is passive. YOU CAN STACK EM. Will probably stack Bloodthirster instead but for Dominion keep that in mind.

Bloodthirster - BEST. 3k and now gives 2950 of stats right off the bat (70AD). Maxed out it gives 4230g of stats, mostly in pure,glorious-scaling AD. One of the few items that got better.

OhmWrecker - ****. 2.9k for 2.5k of stats (600 of it from mana). Pretty useless active... can't chain them either.

Athene's - BEST. 2.8k for 3.4k of stats plus the Restore and Chalice effect. Very strong upgrade to chalice paying 1.9k for 1.2k of AP, 300g MR, 600g CDR, plus the big MP5 boost.

Rod of Ages - BEST. 2.8k, total value starts at 3.2k, ends at 4.5k. If you need mana as an AP, this is your best bet. 650HP is a lot nowdays!

Abyssal Scepter - BEST. 2.6k for 3.2k of stats. The -20MR is pretty strong. I ASSUME this happens after %pen? Unsure since its actually an offensive aura type effect.

Banshees Veil - ****. Man, 2.5k for 2.1k of stats plus spell block when 600g is wasted on mana. Thats harsh.

Sunfire Cape - BEST. 2.5g for 1.9 benefits. Effectively the aura price dropped to 600g from 800g. 600g buys you 17AD and 40 AoE DPS will surely do way more damage for the gold for most tanky champs.

Banner of Command - ****. 2.4k for 1.8k benefits including HP5 and a dubious promote.

Locket of Iron Solari - BEST. So get this... 2k gold for 2.4k gold of stats, plus a virtual health shield for everyone up to 230. The 425health, 35 armor, 10CDR are no joke and a surprisingly solid chunk of stats (plus 300g of HP5)

Haunted Guise - BEST 1.5k for 1.8k of benefits, all solid stuff that all APs can use. Adequate upgrade path too.

Glacial Shroud - BEST. 1.5k for 1.9k benefits. Nerfed a bit but still good. Frozen heart got kicked in teh balls tho. However, Frozen Fist is an upgrade path now.

Brutalizer - BEST. Good upgrade paths, 1337 for 1750g stats is efficient.

Crystalline Pouch - BEST. 220g, sells for 90. Each charge is worth about 40g in health/mana pots. Hence only 1 refill and usage and sell comes out ahead. Workable starting item for many (esp with Wealth+machette/cloth)

Sightstone - BEST. 700g for 250g of health. At 75g per ward, you can see this pays for itself within 1 refill.

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bump for great justice. Surely there are some comments out there.