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Bugsplat error?

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Pked u2 fast



help? http://puu.sh/1yaPG

just randomly started happening

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Junior Member


Hi summoner, Your picture is completely useless, it's just a bug splat screen that pops out after an error has occurred on League or your computer. You need to give more details for Riot such as why do you think this message appeared, after which patch this bug splat happens frequently, also before this screen shows up, what where you doing e.g.(opening game client, during in the middle of the game, after champion select it bug splats.)

Showing us this image means that you have never seen it before, it basically means that your game crashed. If it happens more than 5 times a day, it means that you need assist from Riot, I'm struggling here too =,.=

This link might help you though! good luck summoner.