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New shop: Can't chat, can't see scoreboard, etc

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Senior Member


Couple of things:

1) I cannot communicate to my team while the shop is up. Is this intended? It's ridiculous that I've gotta close the shop to chat at all.

2) I can't pull the scoreboard up while the shop is open. I used to be able to slightly drag the old shop down, view the scoreboard to see all items in the game, and then buy my items accordingly. Can't do that anymore without closing the shop first.

3) We should have the option of going back to the old shop and UI. I know Riot put time into both, but not everyone hated the old style. The current HUD, to me, appears a little too futuristic. I feel an interface like this would be more appropriate for a game like Darkspore where the setting is space and things are high-tech. LoL is far from a high-tech setting, so why the high-tech look?

Basically, give us the option to go back... figure out a way where the old shop and new shop can both exist.

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Junior Member


Agreed, especially for the reason that some of us cannot play LoL anymore cause of the new interface, its bugging out on some machines.. so having the option to convert back would be really awesome.