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Point value system for Items and the gold cost.

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Sorry if you were expecting one because I don't have one.

I was just thinking how nice it would be if someone were to make a point value system for League of Legends' items based on the gold cost.
Such as, AD and which item would be more worth its gold cost; a PD or a Statikk Shiv.
That would most likely be the PD as it gives 10% more AS and Crit%.
But that doesn't even take into account the proc from the Shiv.

The point I'm trying to make is that someone should come up with a cheat sheet with point values for certain item stat values.
Example: for each 5% of AS 2 points could be given. Or for each 5 AD 3 points would be its value.
This 'cheat sheet' of course would have to be very in-depth calculating passives on items such as Wit's End with increasing point value or a % of the potential max MR you would receive from it when at max stacks.

This 'cheat sheet' would probably just help people find a good value for the gold (the most bang for your buck) when looking at building a champ. It would also help you determine what would be better to build when dealing with certain situations such as enemy armour values or HP.
But this couldn't replace intuition of a good player, it could simply aid them.

Chances are this sheet would be impossible to calculate dealing with so many different things that could go wrong; positioning, abilities of champions, debuffs, etc.
There's too much math for LoL to just make a sheet of it and make it a game of #'s, but I just wanted to vent about it. Thanks for reading.