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The Benefits of AP Ezreal

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I have never played Ezreal AD, and with good reason too. To me, despite his passive, I never felt an urge to play him AD. All of his skills scale with AP, especially his Q after you apply Lich Bane, and the additional CDR from the Q ensures you have a sustained-burst poke up constantly. AD Carries often need CC to destroy people--a fed Ezreal stacking AP will destroy people late-early to late-mid game without any help with CC, and becomes a poker, especially with his ultimate.

His W is the main tool for damage because it goes through minions and can hit multiple champs. Using Q in tandem by lowering CDR, I can whittle down even Mordekaiser. Maxing it first will give great mid game/early game harass, which will most likely cause a win for your lane. Unfortunately, pushing is not a pleasant option with ganks, but his E will help with that.

I buy Mejai's frequently on him, and with good reason. Bought early game after Sheen and Boots, it can help him snowball to an OP state. Even in ranked, I think I still managed to snowball to 20 stacks. Deathcap also increases the AP given per stack, so it snowballs even more. Even if you have low stacks, deaths should not have much of an impact-- if you're dying often, then you cannot turn it around by items--by this point, you need CC and heavy nukes, which is what, say, Veigar is about.

I run mana regen runes/18, which is helped by an early Chalice.

In essence, AP Ezreal is a good choice against skill shot mids, like Twisted Fate, or champions with less range, such as Karthus. Ahri is a good early game match up, and so is Mordekaiser. An especially hard laning counter is Katarina. The strength of AP Ez comes especially with his ultimate--it can CS, save towers, relieve lane pressure, change team fights, steal objectives, and zone entire team fights half a minute before. Oh, and you can finish of enemies by snipping them. It is a supplement to a 1v1 situation (I helped Rammus top kill Darius before he died). With a low cooldown and the Q procs, it becomes up perhaps three times in two minutes of pushing.

I look forward to maining AP Ez in ranked. you'll see me.


Has a bursty-sustain style
Ultimate has a lot of offensive utility
Push potential with Q, Sheen, and R
Snowballs hard if you let him

Painfully squishy
Mobility doesn't always mean an escape
Low spike damage = cannot take down tanks
Cannot turn around a losing game as a carry

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Darth Sheik



k have fun.

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Ezreal is fine... nice and OP. Riot's idea of nerfing was to increase AP ratios and make his main spell cheaper. GJ Riot! Now only Corki and Ez are seen every game, instead of having Graves as one of the big 3.

The problem with AP is that his scaling isn't all that amazing. 0.2 AP ratio on his main spell (Q) just isn't very good, compared to a full 100% AD scaling. That is also his longest range spell. Flux has way longer CD and 200 shorter range.

For AP Ez to deal damage he kinda needs to Shift in, W, Q which makes him exposed. Poking with W is not nearly as good as Q poke.

You also don't start with Lichbane surprisingly, so until you get Lichbane, your AP isn't doing much for you. Lichbane also sucks horribly, costing 3k for 2300g of stats (including a bunch of useless mana).
Whereas an AD Ez is slowing getting a more powerful Q as they itemize Doran's or whatever AD item, whatever AD runes/masteries, plus getting Sheen like you would.

Triforce, unlike Lichbane, rules and adds a non-trivial 150ish dmg to every Q, on top of the movespeed, crit, AS, slow, and other goodies provided. It does it in a cost effective manner and the speed alone makes Ez a really hard to catch ADC.

After that and getting Bloodthirster, etc, he continues to strengthen his Q, but also has decent autoattacks.

AP Ez is fine but I don't see it taking over AD Ez anytime soon. Especially since Ez is the BEST ADC at the moment and 'wasting' him by going Mid will make people rage at you.

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Lichbane simply allows his damage to scale into the late game, but his W suffices b/c it is so spammable, and his R is also on low cooldown thanks to the Q. The 1 sec CDR on the Q is sort of like his second passive, one that makes him into a spell Gatling gun.