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The Incident [Closed RP]

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SuperMan Pix

Senior Member


it was raning in the Glade, which was unusuall since a certain sorceress hasnt willed the rain in the first place.
Lulu and Pix can be seen sitting on a large couch, talking to each other excitedly

SO!! we first GO ON top of THE bakery then I'LL make MYSELF HUUUUGE to CONFUSE and CAUSE some DAMAGE!!! while THIS happens, YOU will FLY into the kitchen and GET as MANY sweets as YOU CAN!!
what DO YOU mean "you can't carry that much stuff"! dont WORRY, IM gonna get YOU a BAG or SOMETHING to CARRY alot of SWEEETS!!!
GREAT!! now, THE OLD HAG will be there SO BE extra CAREFUL to-


a bolt of lightning interupts there conversation as their front door slams open. Lulu reaches over the arms of the couch to grab her wand.


the magic words did not come from Lulu's mouth. The sorceress suddenly finds herself in a giant version of her room, herself on all fourse and with twin tails.

Lulu is now a squirrel.

The sorceress frantically scans the room for her faerie companion and finds him trapped in a crystal jar seemingly held by a shadow of a small person.


another bolt of lightning flashes and illuminates the room, giving enough light to reveal the intruder as...

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Ask Glade Witch

Junior Member


...another Lulu.
The other Lulu looks identical to the original in practically every aspect, compleate with a second Pix. She smiles widely and stares down at her squirrlified other

my my my...you have been a really naughty girl "me"! mwehehehe...please tell me-

"Lulu" kneels down and grabs the squirrel, her smile suddenly gone and her tone of voice serious

-if i were to take your place, would people notice?

Squirrel Lulu glares at the other Lulu with intense hatred and tried to bite before being stuffed in a glass box. Once inside, the squirrel freezes in place once the top of the box was placed.
"Lulu" places both the box and the jarred Pix on a shelf before leaving the house and locking the door. She then opens a Portal and walks inside, a large smile on her face

Hello Runeterra! My name is Lulu!

[Just a little experiment i wanted to try...]