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Possible Ability Interaction Conflict - Warwick 'Q' and Muramana toggled effect.

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Warwick's hungering strike seems to return health based on the bonus damage dealt from Muramana's toggled effect when the effect is on, rather than on the total damage of the hungering strike and the toggled effect. In a recent game, I noticed that with ~200 AP and a spirit visage (+20% healing effects), my warwick's hungering strike was lifedraining ~150-200 health from enemy minions. The spell should have been hitting for ~475 damage from the Ap augmented level 5 base damage, with about 180 damage from the muramana added on top. When I toggled muramana off, hungering strike actually life drained the normal amount, which was more than when the effect was toggled on.

So, to test.
1. Build muramana on warwick.
2. Allow yourself to be damaged more than hungering strike should be able to heal.
3. Hungering strike something with muramana toggled off. Record value.
4. Allow yourself to be damaged similarly to step #2.
5. Hungering strike something with muramana toggled on. Compare result of step #3.

If this isn't just my imagination, good luck fixing it without major revisions!

Edit: There definately is some sort of issue here. Tested this in another game today and warwick's lifesteal from hungering strike is higher with muramana's effect turned off. It's like hungering strike's life return is being based off of the damage generated by the muramana effect's damage event, which I assume takes place immediately after hungering strike's damage event but before the life return is calculated, and since Hungering Strike and Muramana are seperate damage instances, only the latter is being used to determine life return.