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Cassiopia maximum damage output build and strategy?

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Items and skill sequences? Any ideas appreciated!

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I start with boots and pots. Follow with basic spellvamp --> haunting guise + upgrade --> rylais --> then situational after that. If you're having a hard time, pick up the respective defensive item (Zhonya's or BV or Abyssal Scepter). If you're doing well pick up more damage, usually deathcap or void staff if they're building MR. I usually never upgrade the initial spellvamp unless my team is caster heavy for some reason or I simply have too much gold to spend (ie, already got better items like Liandry's Tormet or Rylais).

Archangel was always a good dmg item on Cassi, but the problem is it leaves you very squishy. The latest upgrade to it fixes that a bit, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up Liandry's or Rylais for Archanagels. However, she can max it in no time flat, so take what you will there. Up to you I suppose.

PS - once you get your starting spellvamp you can take your own blue buff without help, assuming your jungler is ready to give it to you - just don't try it on low mana.

Start with Q, then E, and don't pick up W til lvl 4. I usually max Twin Fang first because I'm pretty confident about following up if I hit a poison. However, depending on your lane matchup you may do better maxing Q first instead of E. If you don't think you can follow up on your harass easily, you'll get more damage out of Q (Vlad for example, can't twin fang him when he's trollpooled). Max W last, you only really need that for the slow.

General laning strategy for Cass is wait til they go in for a last hit and Q them, follow up with Twin Fang if able/safe. Waiting til they go for a last hit will help you land your Qs easier than just willy nilly trying to land them randomly. Once you get confident with her you'll get the hang of chasing up with a good 2-3 twin fangs after you hit a poison, which should leave them at half health easily if not lower.

In team fights watch your positioning. Cass's weakness is she needs her team to protect her - if a bruiser or otherwise gets in range to melee her she has no real form of escape. And it's for that reason that you need to be able to know when to poke with your spells and when to fully commit. Don't try to half-ass commit with Cassi or you will lose. She has very strong single target dps but little escape other than her ult, so either commit completely or leave early.

I'm no pro or anything, but Cassi is my main so I hope I've helped.