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Prevent Trolls During Champ Select

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Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet. . .

I think Riot should implement an option during Champion Selection that would allow four of the team members to kick the firth member out of the team.

There are just more and more people who dont really play LoL to win anymore. They play casually and get to 30, so most likely they are bad players, and then there are those who are receive bad luck. Either ways, both reasons are why we have people during que who just ruins the actual game.

By implementing an option to kick a negative member out before the game, will improve our win rates.

The ELO system doesn't work at all anyways. However, little things to resolve issues will make the system a bit more fair and reflect our skill levels.

One idea is the one I mention. Another is having shorter seasons, or seasons that are as long as the SC2 seasons. Players just stagnate in mid to low ELO. Most players are stuck at their elo anyways (sometimes by their own skill level, but most of the time its others fault) give or take 100-200 elo. Shorter seasons give players more incentive throughout the year to play it, instead of being frustrated because they are stuck at a terrible ELO and can't change it. This will distribute players more fairly in the long run. My last idea is the gaining and taking of ELO. Depending on one's elo there should be more or less ELO given for winning and taken for losing, this mostly for those who are in mid to low ELO rankings. This also gives incentives for players to play at their best, and improve their skill level. someone at 1200 elo should be gaining twice as much as they are losing. a 1200 elo player should gain 12 elo for winning and lose 6 for losing. This way people will be playing with good/better players and learn that way. in any competitive activity, if you dont play with good players, you won't improve because those better players have more perspective/experience. Players at 2000+ elo shouldnt be worried about how elo is given or taken because if theyre actually good they will get the elo back, and makes achieving 2600 ELO more impressive.