It did change a lot...

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First of, I don't know it's a repost or not, i tried to find another topic exactly like mine, didn't really find one, or was i just too late? anyways, here it is.)

So I havn't played much lately, mainly because of that new patch, that preseason patch.
I'm not a hardcore lol player and there's so much changes, so much to learn all over again, it's a bit discouraging for me.
I get easily lost in the new shop HUD, it makes me like +40 seconds to find my stuff...
And that In-game hud... i think is the worst part of it all... I don't even feel like i'm playing the same game anymore... The scale of it is kinda weird too.

I thought of writting to Riot my appreciation to the new Twisted treeline map, I even took of my time to write down my thoughts of it, ended up i didn't have the time. But anyway, that was an exciting new stuff though! I was happy to fight that bad ass spider when possible!

All in all,
I don't think i'm the only one who is that much lost with the changes, but I really felt like I had to share my thoughts of it.

It did change my appreciation for the game seriously. I find it sad to say that but it did,