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Should one be able to change the order of ones Rune/Mastery pages?

Yes, one should be able to change the order of his/her rune/mastery pages. 2 100%
No, one should not be able to change the order of his/her rune/mastery pages. 0 0%
Voters 2 .

Suggestion for Mastery/Rune Page Interface

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I rarely post on the forums... there seemed to be no place for game improvement suggestions... so I deemed this section to be the best fit for this post..

To be able to change the numerical order of pages so that it is possible to make the pages such that one can organize them thus no longer having the requirement to be omnipotent of what one needs in order to have an organized list.

For instance, if one could click and drag the page selected to somewhere else in the order of pages, which would be quite a nice feature.
Alternatively changing the number of the page to change it's place in the order would work as well... or both options... or some other option I cannot think of currently.

Hopefully anyone reading this understands what I am suggesting... If one feels I am not effectively communicating the point, then please assist in doing so.

If you view this, please vote.

To keep attention drawn to this, please spread the word.