So I read an old thread asking for a duck champ...

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Hey there everyone. While browsing this forum one day, I stumbled upon a thread from a few years ago that asked for a duck-based champion. Space one to be exact. Well, I doodled a bit and a design started to form. Whether the post was just a joke or not, I thought I'd share with you guys the result of my weird imagination.

I've yet to come up with any of the details other than the design itself...I have no name, no stats, anything. Since I've only been playing League for about a month and a half now, I'm still very unsure what stats, moves, and other factors would be considered useless or just overpowered.

I have thought about a few moves and I think they would be quite fun, but I'm going to save those until I put more thought into them.

Well, Without further ado, I'd like you to meet my idea of a duck-based champion.
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I'm open to any and all ideas concerning any of the above factors I'm lacking for this champ. I hope you guys like my design. Sorry, it's not the best drawing in the world, still young and improving.

Thanks for reading and viewing. <3


EDIT: Higher quality image:

EDIT AGAIN: Eek..2 thumbs down... Did I post something wrong? Sorry if I did, I'll remove the thread if so.