Looking for bot lane supporter

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wussup dudes.

i'm a bot lane adc looking for someone who mains support to, well, ****ing support me bot lawl.

Im sick of going into queue by myself and calling adc, and then everyone else argues over who is going to support, so I either end up with a ****ty support who doesn't want to support me, or no support at all. yeah, playing games 1v2 bot isn't much fun. whoever wants to play with me, we wouldn't be playing ranked because I don't have enough champions to play ranked yet.

so anyways, i'm a good adc, and with a good support to have my back, we will tear **** up bottom lane.

I play as Ezreal, Graves, Vayne, Ashe and Sivir. Ranking how talented I am with each one, 1 being the best the list proceeds as follows:

1) Ezreal
2) Graves
3) Ashe
4) Vayne
5) Sivir

My in game name is WittyK I look forward to meeting whoever the **** wants to play