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[GUIDE] Super Happy Mega Tank- Rammus!

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short but sweet guide on how i play him. been successful with about 75% of time winning with this build and strat

items first! thats what most people want! right???

1. warden
2. boots (armour ones)
3. chalice
4. aegis
5. gaurdian
6. frozen heart or thornmail or frozen mallet as last.

sometimes i get thorn earlier if lots of auto attackers.


right now, just got mana regen runes. but ill prob go mix or armor and cool down reduction eventually.


still playing around with this one. right now its utility/defense.


i play quite aggressive. basically, ball enemy champ, then taunt/shield. if have ult, use it as well if need too.

other than that, just roll around hit creeps/minions, ganking where possible.

rammus is pretty simple hero, but just gotta know when to be aggressive. As in order to do damage, you gotta get up close and actually make the champs attack u!

taunt is an awesome skill. I gets lots of kills/assist with it. plus save allies a lot as well. prob his best skill.

don't forget, ult can be used on buildings as well. helps take down turrets!

that'sit, pretty simple! feedback?

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I agree a hundred percent with the techniques, which arent really that complicated when you think about it, all his skills make sense used together in a certain order.

I'll post my build that I've been successful with to the same point as you:
1. Boots of Swiftness (lets you catch up to people and use taunt quicker, before they fall back too far)

2. Frozen Heart (mana is a huge problem with rammus without any items to help, plus the 110 armor is a huge defensive and offensive boost for rammus)

3.Sunfire Cape (dont know what to say about this one, makes perfect sense with rammus for farming and ganking)

4. Guardian Angel (helps out a bit on the magic resist side thats been neglected so far, and also has that neat revive spell which should be up everytime you die if you play well)

5. At this point I go for another Sunfire Cape usually, but this is an expensive item build so that only usually happens late in the game.

6. this rarely happens but anything that suits your game at this point in the game is good

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I keep running into Rammus players that stack Sunfire Capes in the endgame. Once they have three of them and a bunch of other items, my Mundo flat out can't kill them.

Of course, they can't kill me either.

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hello everyone, i just recently moved Rammus to main status and here is what i do.

merc treads
Sunfire cape
Thorn armor
Sunfire cape
Frozen heart

Magic heavy team

Merc Treads
Spirit Visage
Force of Nature
Frozen heart

With this combo i can tank turrets without any problem if need be. Also if 4 people come to attack me 4 people are doing to die! Also if the game is REALLY long i'll replace philosophers with Warmog.