Match Making Suggestion

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I hope I've put this in the right forum.

I was playing yesterday and an idea hit me for how match making could be a bit better. It wouldn't suprise me if this has been suggested before but here it is.

Its very difficult to go a single game without two people calling the same roles, so I thought why not just match make people who want to play a certain position with other people who don't want to play it?

For me personally I really want to work on my ad carries right now. So everytime someone calls it first I either have to be a jerk or not play the position I wanted. It just seems like a feature that matched you up with people who wanted to play other roles could go a long way in improving league of legends.

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Can't tell if everyone who makes these threads are trolls or don't see that this is posted in all forums at least daily. Search forums and you will find why it doesn't work