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List of Alpha Strike Bugs and how to duplicate them.

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1. Alpha strike goes on Cooldown but displays as if it is off cooldown.
a. Cast alpha strike
b. right click motion commands as it is casting

2. Max range alpha strikes will not follow blinks properly
a. Alpha strike to Prime target (Have other sub targets, the ones yi attacks but isn't the primary alpha strike target)
b. Prime Target blinks away (Kat shunpo, ereal E, zed warp, occasionally flash)
c. zoom zoom is heard yi remains in same spot, 0 DAMAGE is done to all targets alpha strike goes on cooldown

3. Sometimes yi will warp to prime target location but deal 0 damage to all targets.
a. Yi cast alpha strike
b. while yi is striking (invincible pathing to) sub targets PRIME target enters the fog of war.
c. Yi is warped to prime targets OLD location dealing 0 DAMAGE to ALL targets.