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Who should I buy?

Yorick 1 10%
Diana 2 20%
Jayce 2 20%
Fizz 3 30%
Kha'Zix 1 10%
Zyra 1 10%
Syndra 0 0%
Voters 10 .

Who should I buy?

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I believe if your reasoning for picking a champ like fizz because someone says he can't be countered. Oh wait, what is it fizz your silence? Your getting your face melted off by malz. Honestly the viability of fizz is dependent on the level of play your at.

Secondly I played fizz once, In the games I did better than someone who played him since his release. Not hard to play at all.

I'd suggest Yorick, Jayce, or Diana cause they are more solid champions. They have solid roles and very powerful uses. But like everyone they have there counters.

Yes fizz can be countered. His strength is early mid game. His late game is a lot weaker than other mids. Really to kill with fizz you need to land that ult.