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Surrendering needs to be changed to 3/2

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The Krazie

Junior Member


heres my thing so if a player feeds someone strong like a teemo or jax or basically anyone and then leaves after like ten min in the game and then the rest of my team is just sitting in base. why can i not surrender early instead of wasting my time. or i think that there should at least be a way to do something to better combat people that do leave other than just reporting which does not seem to be slowing people down. its about every other game that i get someone who leaves..

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so its a womans fault when she gets raped and we should not have any additional (or modify any) policies to deter or sublimate rape/murder/etc. because "that's the way things are" and we should just plan to live like that.
how did laws ever get created.
poor counter-example.

Perhaps it was a poor counterexample but you're just proving my point: You are INCAPABLE of dealing with situations that you do not particularly like, because you focus on how you FEEL things SHOULD be, rather than what you NEED TO DO to ADAPT to a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT.

Rape is a hot subject and is pretty controversial, so since it would be equivalent logically I am going to replace "rape" with "mugging" and respond to you, since I think you're missing the point of what I'm trying to say. I think mugging and theft is deplorable, but realistically if you are walking around unarmed and unprepared, you do not have anyone to blame except yourself FOR BEING UNPREPARED. If you are not doing everything in your power to constantly have an advantage or contingency in these situations, realistically you are unprepared for the hostile world we live in, and nature (not me; cold, calculating nature) would deem you unfit. The constant muggings you experience because you refuse to account for your own defense would serve as nature's warnings to you that you need to make a change. If you don't, it is only your own fault that you have any further issues.

It is not my fault I was mugged, It is my fault I was unprepared to handle it.

It is not my fault i was raped, it is my fault I was unprepared to handle it.

You can argue with me on any emotional level you want, and it wont matter. I completely agree with you that these things are horrible and should not happen, but I am not talking about my subjective opinion right now. I am talking about objective facts and basic logic and reasoning. These things DO happen, so how do I best prepare myself to handle them?

Now to league:

I think getting ganked sucks, but if I don't ward my lane, I will get ganked more and more. I can then either blame my team for not calling MIA, or I can realise that i have a perfectly functional minimap in the corner of the screen and wards cost 75 gold. It is only EVER my fault if I get ganked, because I was unprepared.

I think leavers and AFKs suck, but if I reduce the surrender majority to 60%, half of all of my games will not make it past 20 minutes.

When you sign up for this game, you agree to abide by the summoner's code. There is an understanding that failing to do so can result in being removed from the game. Part of that summoner's code is that you commit not to start a game you don't intend to finish. Meaning, if you are treating even a single second of a game as a waste of time, you are putting yourself in a position to break the summoner's code. Those AFKs and leavers you hate? Guess what. They are all eventually going to be removed from this game if they keep it up. You, however, wont, so long as you can stop complaining, be nice to people, and play games through to the end.

Perhaps you need to find a game that takes less time, if you can't find a way to entertain yourself and have fun past the 20 minute mark.

If you cannot set your emotions aside and respond to me logically, please don't bother, because I wont.