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Kha'zix bugs

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Leaping just before impact from a Voli charging will cause Voli to stall and Kha'Zix to fly 20 feet away, but when Kha lands, Voil tosses him over his shoulder as if Kha had never Leapt.

Leaping over teemo Shrooms will cause the Shroom to explode once Kha lands (not as he crosses the shroom). You can see the exploding Shroom move towards Kah once he lands. This bug makes it appear as if on a Leap, Kha is turned invisible and an animation plays to show Kah move, but Kha stays where he is at until the Leap animation is complete.

Leaping over a tower or a destroyed tower will cause Kha to just Leap in place. It is as if the tower is blocking Kha's Leap, similar to leaping into thick trees.

Leaping at the corners of a base, or thin trees (like when exiting blue), will fail similar to above even though the range for the Leap was available (test with un-evolved Leap)

Kha has a ranged skillshot which allows him to stay in lane when pit against a ranged champion. He doesnt excel, but he can stay in the lane. The problem is the mana cost at early levels of his spines. I think Level 12+, the mana ratio is fine, but level 1-12, mostly during laning, the mana cost needs to be reduced.