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Borderless "light" version of the shop, please?

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Lets face it. I'm not happy with the new shop. I figured out why. It's for a simple reason.

Borders. Borders everywhere.

Why do we have massive, bright, rounded borders on each item? It's a terrible waste of space. It makes less items fit on the page. It makes me take longer to shop because it wrecks my ability to quickly distinguish items.

It probably takes me ten times longer to tell what items are and gloss over them. Not figure out the layout of the items. Not navigate the shop. JUST TO TELL WHAT THE ITEM IS.

So, my proposal is we get a shop version with at most 3 pixel borders on items. No more. Please, I don't want to be frustrated simply finding my items. I want to play the game and my item choice should not take an extra 10 seconds.

In general it takes me 10 seconds more in the shop because of a number of factors of the new store.

TL;DR : Borders (especially item borders) make the shop look and feel clunky, display fewer items, reduce item visibility and time it takes to recognize an item. This is frustrating because otherwise I feel the transition to the new shop would be smooth. All I ask is for a version of the shop that looks a little more polished but not bulky and annoying.

PS :
I don't know why you're taking a page from Dota2's book when you're kicking their butts. Between champions that are indistinguishable and not hardly characters and their unintuitive and border bloated item shop I only played two games, ever. It wasn't inviting in the least and this new item shop isn't either.