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Possible Solution To Jungle Complaints!?

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Ice Mage



I dont think you understand the problem. Jungle gold sucks now even if you perma-farm the jungle. Junglers are now in a position where they HAVE to snowball or be forced to deal with having support levels of gold income.

Making new boots doesnt help this problem. And a stronger jungle just makes the income disparity more glaringly obvious, because killing junglers is easier.

Jungle gold income is low, but there are many solutions to it for example lets say jungles who get that new item similar to ionic spark, if junglers where to use their standard start and then follow up with avaric blade junglers gain additional 2 gold per kill (any type of kill) also it is a gold per time item which should help the process of jungling.
For the lv 3 boots its not that great of a despair, rather than that i find them quite useful because junglers who take flash/ghost, they can go for the distortion boots which reduce the CD by 25% which is alot because usually you get ghost approx. every 4 minutes, with the tier 3 boots you can get you summoners within 2 minutes approx.
For jungles position ingame it not a requirement for them to really snowball because junglers are the to either be the tank/frontline of the team or in the back protecting the carries, also some jungles maybe very exposed to counter jungling and be set behind or die to jungle or the enemy, but thats natural since junglers arent supposed to be invulnerable to damage, its just the way it is how some champions have strong jungle process than some others.