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[Champion suggestion] Ash Williams

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Name: Ash Williams

Appearance: Human with a chain saw replacing is right hand and a shot gun ("boomstick&quot in his left. (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-z4Cyo5TWxRE/TibqMHtWMGI/AAAAAAAAAVI/sFwph0v0LTU/s1600/bruce-campbell-evil-dead.jpg)


  • "Klaatu Verata Nacpffmpff "
  • "Good, bad, I am the guy with the gun."
  • "Come get some! "
  • "Your pain, my gain. "
  • "Does your mother kiss that face? "
  • " Kiss my boomstick! "

Special abilities :
  1. Summon an army of evils minions not neutral that attack both side
  2. Split himself in two.
  3. The mighty chain saw slay!
  4. Ride an iron dragon (which is in fact his car)

Story: He don't know what he's doing around and why he is in the League of Legends words, he fight with you to get help getting back in his world!

(I'm really a N00B, so feel free to develop...)