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Skin Ideas: Jarvan IV

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While there are other champions the need/deserve newer skins than Jarvan, I recently came up with an idea for a skin for him. The inspiration for this idea came from Stonewall008's recent Jarvan S3 jungle time video. The music in the video has that dark underlying feeling of greatness that is Batman, and based on Jarvans skills, his Q and E skills alone would be enough, would make for a cool.... Rune-man? Or possibly some cool beast/creature that terrifies Jarvan to complete the idea.

Run-down: Looks

Jarvan would have a "costume" that would name his skin. Riot would be in charge of this, and they have a better understanding of what would be good for this idea if they take it.

Run-down: Looks of Skills

Q: While he has always had a spear, I think that Jarvan could use a kind of pole that has been used by Robin, but this pole can extend by the use of "Hextech Engineering" with the use of magnetic chains, or just an extending capability.

W: Demacia has always been about light and goodness, but is it because there is a protector of shorts that has money and physical abilities to do so? Jarvan's W could be changed to look something darker that anyone should fear. Perhaps just a black with a redish glow to it would suffice? Jarvan the III and Jarvan the IV are known as "The Lightsheilds" after all, and if it were light it would give away their identity.

E: While it has always been a flag of justice and hope, this could also look something like a hologram that looks like clouds with a symbol that would let others know when *insert skins name here* is being asked for help, or when he is near.

R: This has been perplexing for me... While I would love to say bat wings enclose Jarvan and whoever he catches, I feel that it would not fit. Maybe a black metalic looking structure? Something that would go along with the theme that I am trying to create.

Before I leave, I would like to introduce myself. I am Kaen1991, (sounds like cane). I am 20 years young, I am currently 1164 ELO and I am a nobody for the most part. I primarily jungle, but I fill where needed, though ADC is my worst role.

Please feel free to post your ideas for this skin idea, and maybe even help make this skin idea a reality!