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The new skin idea which came to my mind

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Players of the game God Of War know exactly what im talking about.
this is my idea about a legendary skin for pantheon.First his appearance changes to Kratos and here are changes in his abilities.
For spear shot Kratos(pantheon)draws the bow of Apollo and shots a burning arrow of light.
For aegis of zeonia Kratos(pantheon) charges at his target with boots of Hermes and stuns him.
For Heartseeker strike Kratos(pantheon)uses the blades of chaos and does a L1+#(square) combo in front of him(the combo comes from the God of war game)
For ultimate(grand skyfall) Kratos(pantheon)gathers strength while lightning is around him and he equips Icarus wings and nemean cestus and jumps and the falls on ground while smashing the ground with nemean cestus.
While he has his passive shield he walks with shield of perseus and attacks with spear of destiny.
his basic attacks are done by blades of chaos and thats it.
Thank you for your time.