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Zed is strong.

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Actually Zed can win against even a good Olaf as long as Zed dodges axes and farms with his spammable Q's. Then he can harass Olaf a bit and nuke him down, it's a supposition but Zed can melt anything during lvls 6-9.

You said spammable Q's...do you even know it cost 70 energy at level 1? How about it's relatively long CD that even taking the whole CD he hasn't gained all the energy back from it.

Anyways, Zed destroys olaf top. Why? His mobility, W + Q poke is free and does more damage than Olaf's true damage, you never run out of mana, you have no cc (w+e only) so that olaf's ult doesn't hinder your from destroying him as you can chase anyways, your ult makes you untargettable and gives you another possible positioning point and a way to dodge his axes (which he tends to level first and do great damage) as well as giving you up to 3 shurikens which does a lot of damage in 1v1 fights with no minions around.

The list goes on and on, but a half decent Zed should beat an olaf. He has more poke and mobility doesn't have to engage ever to do a lot of damage while olaf has to hit an axe then use his true damage to win the trade. Another thing is Zed scales better with damage as he's an assassin, while Olaf is a tanky-dps who does better with a mix of helth, damage, and resists. That and the new items give AD casters so much more wiggling room and late game power. I forsee top's being dominated by mobile assassins while tanky-dps will be the junglers or vice versus. Where 2 tanky-dps champs won't be as viable anymore.