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I am RAGING BRO!!!!!!!!

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I have been playing this game for about a week now. Only thing is, I play with 2-3 level 30 buddies. That means I get put up against level 25-30 people and IT IS HARD. But, even though it's hard, it has made me a good player.

That being said ... I CANNOT STAND PLAYING WITH MY OWN LEVEL!!!!!! This kids are level 12-16 and don't know what the **** leashing is? Really, so in a team battle you're going to just JUMP RIGHT IN!!!!

This game sucks unless I'm playing with higher level people. It honestly is not fun at all to me with low levels like myself...

I feel like that red head kid from YouTube right now...

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Only way to get better is to keep playing. A lot of people still lack the proper mechanics and knowledge about the game when they hit level 30. As frustrating as it is, everyone else had to go through the same experience and I can assure you that your level 30 friends do not enjoy playing against lower levels (at least I don't).

Also most likely your level 30 friends are carrying you. A level 15 vs a level 30 with runes/masteries will completely wreck you.