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[New HUD Feedback] - XP bar is too small

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Broom of Doom

Junior Member


Simply put, the XP bar below the character portrait has been shrunk to 1/3rd of its previous size, and this is definitely hampering gameplay. Previously it was easy to tell how much XP you got from each creep at a glance, and now that's been made more difficult for no reason with this update.

For example, it used to be much easier to see how many more creeps it would take to hit level 6. This would enable you to plan a level six all-in engagement better because you knew exactly when you were going to level up. Now that the bar has been compressed so much, it's much more difficult to discern how much XP you're getting from each creep and exactly how many more creeps you need to reach the next level.

This is also important for me in bot lane. I often play with friends, and I often tell my lane partner things like, "kill three more creeps and then we'll engage," and that's harder to do now. Sometimes the window of opportunity is that small, when you and your teammate have hit level 3 and they haven't. The extra time we spend figuring out our XP is time we could have been using to CS, harass, or watch the mini-map.

There's enough to keep track of in the middle of a game, and having to focus extra attention on the new XP bar is getting in the way of that.