My Elo these days...

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Hi, I was a 1660 and was counting to go to a higher elo. But this was when it was still before that huge patch. After that patch, jungler got harder, turrets got easier to push, etc. I started to lose fk load of elo... I don't know about you but this is kinda getting much more annoying than I thought... I actually want to know your opinions too.. how is the new summoner's rift...

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i strongly recommend to stop the ranked for now.

Why? well it is simple people is adjusting to the new updates in jungling and to the new items therefore you can still have a normal match but not everyone is hadling well these new updates, give it a breake to your ranked games, try to learn about the new items and how you could perform new strategies in game match.

These also could bring you more elo, as i said people is adjusting if you feel confident enough to keep on ranked go on but your whole team must be the same way and win more games due many players are in the same situation.

I will also add that many players that go on the jungler role have lost most of their confidence in the role they are playing they dont feel secure or capable enough to gank, so once more time people will need a few weeks or maybe 1 or 2 months to regain their confy on the roles they play. This is a personal opinion.