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Need S3 SUPPORT builds

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K. So. I've been trying to get used to this new support thing for S3, and it's just not clicking. Any of you have guides/builds for supports that you enjoy using and wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks!

I want Janna, Lulu, Leona, Sona, Taric, Soraka, Nunu, Blitz builds please. I play them all.

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There are a few options to how you can do this. The traditional options are certainly still available and viable. Here's what I've gathered.

Tanky Aggressive Supports:
-Boots/2 Wards
-Crystalline Flask
-Ruby Crystal
-Ruby Sightstone
-Emblem of Valor > Runic Bulwark (Can be left at Aegis of Legion for mid game while other items are built)
-Philosopher's Stone > Shurelya's
-Kindlegem > Zeke's Herald
-Glacial Shroud > Frozen Heart

Squishy Mage Supports:
-Faerie Charm/Rejuvenation Beads/2 Wards
-Crystalline Flux (If you have a heal, this can be skipped)
-Kage's Lucky Pick > Shard of True Ice
-Ruby Sightstone
-Philosopher's Stone > Shurelya's Reverie
-Will of the Ancients and Runic Bulwark (In either order, depending on team need/composition)

Those are what I've found to work. I tend to have the gold for my Sightstone as my first item by time I finish the first 2 wards I purchase. Purchasing a Sightstone early eliminates what was the previous need for rushing GP10s on supports, and that's ward cost. Stack on top of that a Crystalline Flux, and all of a sudden, the rest of the gold you earn is actually yours to spend on items for yourself. While you'll still be building aura and team based items, it eliminates your need to repeatedly purchase wards/potions for yourself.

I have seen other supports start Crystalline Flux/2 Wards, Boots on first back, and then Sightstone or GP10, which is also very viable for early aggression. Kage's Lucky Pick and Philosopher's Stone are both still highly valuable if bottom lane is not going in your favor, and you won't necessarily have gold from assists to work with.

Hope I've helped some. Any other questions, feel free to add me in game.

EDIT: I also have a post in this section (Supporting: Post-Patch). Might be worth a gander if you're interested.