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A small word about the new UI

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I know I know, another thread complaining about you know what. I'll try to keep it short.

I thank you first, Riot, for trying your best to provide what you feel is the best gaming experience for your many fans, and I thank those who are taking the time to read this.

Here's the bottom line: The new UI is clunky, ugly, and inconsistent.

The first thing that I noticed about the new user interface was the differences in the sizes of certain on-screen articles. The text has become significantly larger, while the buttons have become significantly larger. This creates a very unpleasing look about the UI, especially in the top right corner. Anyone can see. You have a abnormally large box with tiny numbers. That's not attractive at all, and is hard to look at. Which is exactly what you don't want in a UI. There's a similar problem in the shop. The two buttons at the top are gigantic ("Recommended" and "All&quot. A baby could press them. On the other hand, the categories by which we must navigate to find our items are annoyingly small. Not to mention that the text seems to blend in with the background. I don't like having to spend 5 seconds looking for the Ability Power section. It's a little counter-intuitive, isn't it?

Please, make the sizes of the text and buttons of your UI more consistent. Also, please make the shop buttons pop out to make it easier to navigate.

Thank you for listening.

EDIT: it seems players playing on a higher resolution are having an opposite problem, and their UI is just simply freakishly small. That's a problem I can't address. My screen is 1280x800 and all I know is that my UI is enormous: The skill upgrade buttons are 1cmx1cm blocks.

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Blue Avenge

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do you know you can scale the hud the options, right?