Season 3 Blitzcrank Grab bug

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I was playing a custom game against bots with Blitzcrank to try some new items and many times my grab was not working as I think it should.

  1. A couple times I was standing behind my creeps and landed a grab on the enemy champ.
  2. The enemy champ would get stunned, and begin to pull to me.
  3. I charged up my punch in anticipation of the immediate basic attack.
  4. Enemy champ gets caught up on the creeps and never gets to me. Seemed like it was unit collision and it prevented the enemy from coming all the way to me.
  5. The enemy champ just runs away with no auto attack and knock-up with the punch. Never even got close enough.

The bot was Chogath. I was mid lane. It was a custom game. There were two humans and four bots. It was low level stuff like level two-four. After a few times of this happening, I started to only do grabs with nothing between us. I had a mana gem is all for starting items and the biscuit and ward from the support tree.