July MCCC Entry-The White Bard

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Moby the White

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Moby the White Bard Chief Bard during the times of Endless Sorrows.

Primary: Hermit- Appearance
Secondary: Wheel of Fortune- Ability
Tertiary: Hanged Man- Lore
Age: Vastly unknown, rumored to have lived over 500 years stuck in the same age. Assumed to be 24
Race: Human
Title: Chief Bard during the times of Endless Sorrows.
Bardic Aspect: White Bard (White Bard denotes the bards affiliation, White Bards are essentially seen as keepers of balance and preservation.)
Appearance: Pre-curse- Young, black hair kept short, ever changing hazel eyes, white robe.
Appearance: Post-curse- Eyes same but lackluster, hair is ragged and unkempt with strands of grey blended throughout, now unshaven, his robe is no longer the spotless white but now is rather a dark grey. He carries a book bound in leather on the front of it is golden print reading faded words of which only one can be made out "Darkness".

Lore Synopsis: A troubled writer is found lost without words, an avid author of allegory now was without a story. What wretchedness was left of his life was consumed by the nothingness that is the void. And his story is my story, that of Moby the White Bard.
Okay so this is a rough sketch so I apologize for the poor detail. But it was all I had time for. Typically speaking drawing is not my forte, but if I spend enough time on it I can manage something like this.

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The pounding beat of his heart echoed in his head. His ragged robes, charred from the fiery flames, were no longer white but now brown. In his hand lay his leather bound book engraved with the words, "Heart of Darkness by Moby the White Bard." His eyes gazed to the heavens - searching for some sign, some answer, or some reason to explain this alleged blessing, this blasted gift of a curse. Slowly the dying embers fell upon his body in the form of smoldering ash, and it was then that he realized there was no escaping this fate of his - this fate which condemns him to relive the horrors of the future repeatedly until he can bear it no longer and finally writes what he sees. A fate that forces him to live every moment of his life over and over until he makes the changes needed to alter a future that would destroy Valoran.

There was a reason his master had told him to never touch the book. Unfortunately, he learned too late the reason why. By the hands of destiny or the creators of fate, perhaps even by chance or coincidence it would seem, he was forced to decide between the lesser of two evils. Allow a book filled with endless knowledge to perish or protect it. As a mountainside of crumbling volcanic ash tumbled toward him, deep within him his bardic instincts surged forward, forcing him to protect the book. In hindsight, one would suspect the book of foul-play; however, at the time the young bard knew nothing of this blighted book cast down upon our lands by the very hands of the Shadowlord Karn. Alas, that is another story for another time.

Generations upon generations of lifetimes went by, incessantly he spent each one of them writing in the book, never did he age, nor did he yearn for sustenance or perish. His body ached to write, his hand sought to write, every part of him could not help but to write. With ink crafted from his own blood he was bound for eternity to write Valoran's last story. At first he lived to write, but then there came a time that he begged for death, yet it never came.

Soon there came a day when he could not write, nor did he want to. Striking as it may seem, his reason was quite simple - love. He had met a woman her features captivating were only to be mirrored by her personality. The first thing he noticed was the brightness of her eyes like the blue day sky, graced by golden hair forever vibrant and wavy, and her smile so sweet yet crisp with young, red, supple lips to finish the deal. His eyes fell upon her as the sun falls upon the horizon come darkness, and for not a moment did he let her out of his sight. For a thousand lifetimes he spent seeing the future, not once did he ever see someone or something as beautiful as her. His heart surged from his chest, his lungs heavy, and his skin tingled like a shiver of pins and needles. His fate had led him to that which could not ever be attained?! Could it truly be he was meant to have a wonder so grand and beautiful as she? First and foremost he surely must learn her name at least.

Thus he approached her and immediately asked her name, and when she leaned close to him and whispered a single word into his ear, a startling shiver sped down his spine. Like a faint flicker of wind trickling across the water, he heard her say the most remarkable name he had ever heard simply put, "Night". He embraced her for the first time and she returned the favor in kind. The sparks ignited in his soul tearing away at his heart, never had he ever felt as he had with her. And it was then he knew he would spend a lifetime in her arms.

Days on end he spent with her, each day the writing slowly began to cease, until finally on the day of their wedding, it stopped outright. A brilliant bard driven silent, a master of muse turned mute, Moby had finally found a way to stop his curse it seemed, and so he locked his book away in a library far from prying eyes. If but an inch of their skin touched the hard leather spine of this treacherous book, their mind would be consumed in an endless torrent of knowledge burning them from within. The knowledge so unfathomable it would decimate their entire entity.

Alas, when all the visions had seem to have been written off, Moby awakened from a horrific nightmare to find his new-found lover nowhere to be found. The dream came now in bits and pieces slowly showing him his wife inside the library approaching the book. The bed sheets trailed into a pile as Moby rushed downstairs into the library only to find that he was too late. His newlywed was holding his book. Her eyes burned with knowing, her nose was gushing blood, her hands seemed to clench the cover unwilling to let go, and yet she screamed and screamed begging for it to stop. Her words of wretched undeath came now in the form of an archaic language, a language burned away from time and kept safe by only the bards. As the door slammed behind him, Moby knew exactly what he had to do, but did not know if he could.

Moby ran to her and ripped the book from her hands, but she had read far too much and was fading fast. Her skin began to glow as the infinite possibilities of unending knowledge tore her apart at the seams. He clutched her to his chest and rocked back and forth, singing softly to her as she screamed with every surge of pain. Her body slowly turned to stone and began crumbling into ash. As her very form slowly decayed into nothingness, her hand reached up and caressed his face. Moby looked down into her dying eyes for what he thought might be the last time and said, "I love you, don't go." She could not speak, her body was decrepit and decaying, but her mouth moved in return and replied, "I love you too...". His eyes full of tears, Moby did the one thing he knew could save her. Moby grabbed the book and began writing feverishly, shouting the words aloud as he did.

"And the book opened wide with a vibrant light and embraced the elegant, dying form of Night. Her body so young and beautiful, it shined with angelic embrace. Her pain slowly faded away, no longer the archaic stone that once was but now again flesh. It was then the book took her into the pages to preserve her until the end of tyme."

For a moment nothing happened, and then with a blinding flash. The book flashed a golden light surrounding Night. As the light disappeared, she was gone - nowhere to be seen. Could it be?! Moby had changed the future, and the book was not pleased. Light circled him like a swirling storm of clouds, like a bale of banshees, like a swarm of bees, and with a explosive light, it happened. The book took him to the exact moment in the past before Night touched the book.

As her hand reached toward it Moby shouted out at the top of his lungs and rushed at the book hoping to save her. But the book stopped him as he did. Over and over a thousand times he was forced to relive this moment; forced to watch as the one person he loved died over and over again and again without any way for him to stop it. His eyes burned from the tears, his body shook with spasms, he wailed at the top of his lungs begging for it to stop. The book refused, it laughed as it tortured his soul, watching in silence as he held her dying body again and again. He begged for death, yearned for it to end, pleaded for the pain to stop yet it would never stop. Time was frozen in an endless loop forcing Moby to watch her die nonstop.

"What do you want?!" He shouted taking the book into his hands.

'For you to let her go...' the book wrote in crimson red.

Moby snatched the book from the pile of cremated ash and threw it at a pile of ancient papers near his ink supply. As the book landed it skidded across the hardwood floor into his barrels of ink toppling them over. Gallons upon gallons of ink poured across the floorboards, soaking the library to the core.

"Never." he shouted as he tossed a match onto the book, "I'll find a way to end this curse."

Fire erupted throughout the library, flames carved their destruction along the path of ink, an iron phosphorous substance, sparking the fire ever further. As it did, the fire exploded violently and sent him flying out of the library, when he finally sat up and realized he was right where he started. The only difference between this instance and the prior was the absence of the book and the absence of his dear lover Night. He knew he needed to find the institute; their summoners were bound to know magic beyond comprehension. They had to find a cure, or else he would spend the rest of his days watching Night die again and again.

" I've seen this world die a thousand times, and each time I care less and less. The only thing worth saving in this wretched forsaken land has long been lost to the hands of fate. So tell me, summoner, why should I save you?" ~Moby the White Bard

League Judgement:
Flickering and flitting pages, a sound so soft and faint it is barely heard over the whipping winds that blow through the charred and ragged remains of his soft silk curtains. Even louder still is the sound of dying embers popping and cracking amidst the rubble of his library. The ancient paper, so delicately thin, acted as kindling for the crime, but the arson could only consume paper, not memories, and memories were the one thing the culprit longed to destroy. His ragged robes flicked with the wind as he watched the flames consume his library, while visions still plagued his mind. Scraps of parchment fell around him as the smoky haze carried them from the ash. A golden speck of paper slowly drifted toward him and caught his attention. As it drew near he reached up and grabbed it, only to read, "Moby".

Moby knew the book would survive, the book always survived. A thousand times he had tried to destroy the book and a thousand times he had failed. His most recent attempt was to destroy himself and the book within a fire. His hope was to end his wretched curse by eliminating the source. Alas Moby was hurled from the fiery inferno with a massive explosion injuring him severely, but not killing him-no, never killing him. The book was bound to him, it forced Moby to survive, it forced him to write, and worst of all, it forced him to relive moments of his life until he got them right.

Surely enough he could try to destroy himself with the book a hundred times more, only to discover he would fail one hundred more times. Moby quickly came to realize this, not because he survived, no, but because the book kept surviving. It is indeed a remarkable book made of brown leather binding, golden tooling decorating the corners, a clasp with a key lock entry, cream colored pages with nothing ever on them, and red writing ink to fill them-the sight of which torments him. Now that very same book shot out of the rubble and shot toward him with blazing speed. The pages shined with a bright, golden light and the cover shined as if it had just been polished. Moby stared in awe as the book landed in his hand, unharmed by the blazing fires. The light from the book exploded as Moby's hands clasped around the spine, he turned his head to shield his eyes from the glaring light, but it was no use for the light consumed him and swallowed him whole. He felt himself spinning out of control, his mind rushing as he struggled to hang onto every last moment of his life, swearing to find that one moment where he had made his mistake.

As he fell through time itself, he relived every moment of his life like quick flashes and snippets of his past exploding in his mind. The vision of him becoming a bard and then becoming the Chief Bard, his tutor giving him the task of protecting the sacred book of “Endless Knowledge”, his tutor telling him to never touch the book. Then the visions flashed to the moment on a mountaintop that stretched so high above Valoran that its summit was in the Void. He saw the mountaintop explode with volcanic ash, and the very moment where he chose to grab the book and carry it to safety. He saw his old tutor shun him away. And then he remembered the first time the book forced him to write, and showed him the endless visions of an infinite future. That was when it all began, and that was where his life ended.

Moby looked around him as the visions came to a close. He was in a round room surrounded by people. Across from him, a woman held her hands to her eyes. He could barely hear her screaming over the pounding in his ears. It was then that he remembered where he was. It was then that he realized that he was in the summoner chambers surrounded by the council. As the throbbing in his head finally stopped, he could hear the woman summoner screaming she couldn't see.

“What did you do to her?!” the high counselor shouted at the bard lying on the ground.

“Some things are not meant to be seen.” Moby retorted as he slowly rose to his hands and knees.

“What did you do!?” the high counselor shouted, grabbing a hold of the bard's robes.

“Like I told you before, counselor, you have no idea what you are getting into.” Moby insisted as he broke away from the old man's grasp.

“Suit yourself! You are hereby prohibited from joining the league! Under no circumstances will you ever become a champion nor will we ever cure you of your so-called curse!”

“As I suspected, I had a feeling you would say something like that, you are also about to tell me that I am prohibited from ever leaving, and that my powers are to be stripped away from me.”

The counselor stared in awe, his mind baffled at how this simple bard could know the very words that were about to leave his lips. The bard looked up slowly, his eyes burning with fiery rage caught the summoner off guard. He jumped back startled by the bard's appearance. The bard smirked and said two words:

“Good Luck.”
HP: 425 +(84)
HP Regen: 6.12 (+0.6)
CDR: 0%
Range: 475
MR: 30
Armor: 18 (+1.8)
MS: 345
AD: 49 (+1.7)
AP: 0
AS: 0.612 (+1.0%)
Ability list:

Name:  bardic knowledge.jpg
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Size:  3.0 KB
Passive: Bardic Knowledge- Every 60 ,40, 20 seconds Moby will accrue a Page stack (levels 7 and 13) As long as Moby is 500 units away from allies he gains a 1% stat increase for every 2 pages, up to 10% increase on all of his defensive stats (includes only: Armor, MR, Hp Regen, Mana Regen, and Health). If Moby is within 500 units of any allied champions these bonuses are granted to those champions instead; however, Moby loses his bonuses in order to do so. At 10 pages Moby is able to cast his Rewrite ability. Every time Moby casts Rewrite his Cooldown Reduction is increased by 0.5%.
Name:  emptyword.jpg
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Q. Blank Pages/Empty Words- Passive: Blank Pages: Moby gains 1 page of paper on each minion kill and 3 pages of paper on each champion kill up to 20 pages, upon death Moby loses all of his paper stacks.

Active: Empty Words: Moby deals damage to an enemy, if they are a champion Empty Words prevents the cast of the last ability they cast for up to 3 seconds. If that ability is on cooldown, that cooldown is paused for the duration.

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds
Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds lockdown duration
Cost: 30/40/50/60/70 or 2 pages
Damage: 75, 115, 155, 195, 235 (+0.5 AP)
Range: 700
Passive Range: 500 Units
Rewrite Ability: Enemy is silenced instead for the duration.

Name:  written in red.jpg
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Size:  4.6 KB
W.Written in Red- Channel- Moby writes down visions that he sees from the future. Moby sends out a force knocking back all enemies within a 300 radius. If Moby has 5 pages Write slows those within a 350 radius by 20, 25, 30, 35, 45%.

Cooldown: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12
Dash Range: 600
Cost: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 hp + 5 Pages for slow effect
Channel Duration: 1.5 secs
Knockback Distance: Knocks enemies up to 500 units away from him
Damage: 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 (+.5 ad)(+X) where X is equal to the number of pages stored.
Rewrite Ability: Moby dashes to target location and instantly casts Written in Red for free.

Name:  write.jpg
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Size:  3.3 KB
E. Write/Rewrite- Moby creates alterations to his book causing his spells to act differently.

Write: Moby to use the power of his book to increase the power of his next spell by 50 , 80, 120, 150, 180 (+1.5% ap magic damage per page). So long as Moby has one page stored this spell does not have a health cost.

Cost: 20/25/30/35/40 or 1 page
Buff Duration: 8 secs
Cooldown: 16, 14, 12,10, 8

Rewrite: Upon receiving 10 pages Moby can actively change the past, by rewriting it. Activates Moby's Secret abilities for one of his abilities. (At 10 Stacks of Pages Write will glow with a gold border and Moby will be able to select it's other ability rewrite consuming all 10 stacks.)

Cost: 0 hp, 10 pages
Cooldown: N/A
Duration: 5 seconds
Name:  until the end of time.jpg
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Size:  2.3 KB
R. Until the end of time- Writes the ultimate future of targets at target location, causing three spinners to appear in front of him rotating from black to white. activating this ability again will select a color, causing the wheels to spin faster. after three selections the following effects will happen based on the colors chosen:

2 whites: Golden light flows from the book and heals all nearby allied champions for 50/100/150 (+5% AP) health. if 3 whites, the heal is increased by 5% for each page during initial cast
2 blacks: A grand piano falls from the sky and deals 100/200/300 (+50% AP) magic damage to all nearby enemies. If 3 blacks, the damage is increased by 5% for each page during the initial cast.

Cooldown: 100, 90, 80 seconds
Cost: 50, 75, 100 hp + 0 Pages
Range: 800
Radius: 350
Rewrite Ability: Slows the speed of the spinners by 50%.
Bonus Lore:

"Do you have songs to sing, bard? We brought you cookies and gold to sing us tales."

"Come on, you lousy bard, sing us a song!"

"I bet the old fool can't even recall one lousy song."

A lifetime of lifetimes go by. Time seems to slip away into nothingness and soon you begin to wonder what time really is or what it even means. As you live across time and find death but a sweet embrace all too impossible to come by, you begin to believe that the 'sins' you have committed were sins after all.

As time blurs together for most immortals, you would suggest that I would provide nothing but a compendium of confusion. Alas, this curse doesn't allow such foolishness.

Across a thousand synapses. a memory becomes burned. Throughout axons and the neurons that run across them, a past is engraved upon them. How dare you even suggest such a condescending concept as my inability to recall or recollect.

How dare you!


"Hey, we paid for this service!"


I won't sing you no tales.

Nor do I want your stupid cookies!

The empty remains of this library echo in the silence, and it is quaint yet eerie. It does not last, though. The silence is interrupted by an explosion of oak. I know the sound, it is something that will remain forever familiar to me. I sipped my tea silently, not even turning to face the demon I had long seen coming in visions long ago.

His scythe clawed the air around me and, landing to my left, dug itself deep into the wood table where I sat.

"I'm not here to sing a carol, bard, and certainly not here for cookies." he said to me.

"The exit is that way, daemon. I suggest you use it before you make a fool of yourself, Thade."

He tells me that he is here for a purpose and will not leave without accomplishing it. I tell him in response that his choice isn't as simple as placing him into the past. I tried to explain that if I rewrite his history, the entirety of Silver Sun would not come to be and that a different path would awaken. The fool attacked me with a scythe that can steal the soul. Incompetent idiot does not realize I can never die. Sigh. He looks at me startled. I already told him it would fail and yet he continues to pursue foolish notions.

I have seen a future full of darkness, all the darkness of my heart. Never once have I seen kindness, from kindness I have departed. I have come to know the hatred that lives within the souls of men. How can you have come to forsake this the life of which you have known.

Allow me to show you a life you avoided, a life of another fate. Allow me to show you two paths: one path full of sorrow one path full of hate.

Come with me, oh dark one. Into the vile destruction of your past we plunge, unto the wickedness that consumes us both.

See now before you, oh daemon of darkness, the horrors of your life. See now before you your dying little wife.

Tears roll down Thade's face. His worst regret sitting before him, dying.

Come now, oh darkened one, do not weep nor fret, you have more to see, do not cry just yet.

There will be time for that.

Look now upon your brother. He beckons beasts from beyond, he summons spirits from hell and back.

Thade turns from the sight. He knows what happens next. Fear flows through him, and he turns to run. NO! YOU WILL WATCH! I grab his arm and turn him around. I forced him to watch as his brother was torn to shreds by the spirits. As the spirits rushed about searching for a host strong enough to contain them, his brother slowly turned to ash. It seemed the Dark Mage was not as powerful as he had hoped.

The spirits raged throughout the house tearing through the woodwork, but they found nothing. Instead, howling geists preyed upon the neighboring denizens of the area. Their liquid spiritual bodies flowing through the unaware souls that lay sleeping. A soft breath is the only sound they make before passing to the pilfering poltergeists.

Spirits taunt me no more! Why must this be, Bard!

Because you weren't there. Because the spirits could not find someone strong enough in spirit to contain them.

I do not understand. Do you dare force my hand, are you trying to make me see a future I would not like?

Not at all, Thade, watch closely.

His life was like a flash of scenes. He lived a normal life and continued as if nothing happened ever. His life was simple.

Now you shall see what happens if you choose, Thade.

Thade is shown now his current past. He is consumed by spirits and set upon a path of horrific destruction. Townspeople run in terror from a deamon who defied the hangman.

Now you see, Thade, the terror you caused.


Then see this. Your lover falling before you. The fear in her eyes. The love in her heart. And the sorrow.

Thade drops down as his knees buckle. The scene is too unbearable.

Witness this. You must remember it forever.

Show me no more of my past! Show me the future, Bard.


Darkness surrounds Thade. The golden light swallows him once more.

See now before you a lifetime of hatred. This is the path of which you so desperately desire. And the one of which you desire to change.

Here before you is a path you desire. You live a life of happiness, and she will remain by your side. Until the void arrives and slaughters those that stand before them. No one listened to the warnings that I sent back through time a thousand times. And still I try to correct it and prevent it. Horrors upon horrors poured out of a rift and swarmed through cities, tearing people apart. An endless pack of horrors. And them. The swarm. The head of the invasion. NOW observe their destruction. See as the Institute falls. Watch as champions fall one by one to their wrath. SEE NOW MY HEART OF DARKNESS! READ THIS AND KNOW!

SO CHOOSE, DAEMON...Take your destiny into your hands, bind yourself by your blood. AND REALIZE YOUR FATE.

I opened my eyes to see Thade gone. I was surrounded once more by those imbeciles with cookies.


"I paid for this..."


The man looked at me like he was baffled. I turned with my quill in hand, and went to write once more. But alas, my book was gone...missing. How could this be!

WHERE IS IT! A piece of paper floated from my bookcase. In it was a note from a man. He called himself the Master of the Mountain. In the note he mentions The Heart of Darkness. How is it that my book has fallen into his hands!?

How is it that he can touch my book and not be swallowed by its knowledge?! I must go at once and find Zilean. He is my only hope now at returning to the past before it is too late. It seems that the Reign of Chaos begins as Heart of Darkness makes its descent into the hellish horrors I've foretold so many times before. ONCE MORE INTO THE ABYSS! ONCE MORE INTO THE HEART OF DARKNESS!
The entire Bonus Lore comprised of both Bergmeister and Moby's works can be found by clicking here.

Explanation of how my concept qualifies each aspect and challenge:

Lore Challenge:

Wheel of Fortune asked for a turn of fate. What fate other than going from master of literary works to being unable to even write could I possibly convey. It is quite simple. Man falls in love with the woman of his dreams and loses his ability to write. Of course fate doesn't care about love and neither does his cursed book. Not only that, Moby goes from hopelessly in love, to helplessly depressed.

Hanged Man asked for a destined fate. Moby was destined to write his story. Forced for eternity to write the death of Valoran by this book.

Hermit Moby is forced to wander alone forever without his lover.


Hermit: Moby wears robes and keeps to himself much like a hermit.

Ability Challenge:

Ult has Wheel of Fortune. Moby can even change the fate with rewrite and condemn his enemies to a predestined outcome. Or grant allies additional moments of life.

Hermit. Written in Red rewrite fulfills these requirements with a dash a slow and a knockback

Hanged Man. All of my abilities cost HP; however, I was able to find a work around by including a stack system that offered an alternative payment method.

Gameplay: Moby can be played as a support. However, he does a lot of damage by combining his spells. Rewriting a spell that is buffed by Write could have amazing potential damage. He could lane by himself due to bardic knowledge, but he also can give his stats to allies.

He passively gains pages every so many seconds and on minny/champ kills. The player can utilize the pages to cast spells or can use hp to do so. Of course if Moby has enough pages to cast a spell, it will consume the pages rather than health. Ideally Moby will want to stack up pages so that he can rewrite an ability buffed by Empty words.

He could be a combo burst damage mage if you built him properly.

Unique factors: Well, he drops a piano on you. That is one. He is also one of the only concepts to turn down Championship so far as I know of.

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skills look interesting, cant wait for the lore :3

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Moby the White

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Originally Posted by DoggyDoggy5 View Post
skills look interesting, cant wait for the lore :3
Skills will change slightly and lore is work in progress because I want it to be perfect.

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Moby the White

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Lore is undergoing tons of revisions.

Primarily it is missing several aspects crucial to lore in its entirety like character motivation and dynamic. A more structured plot.

tons of other stuff..

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the lore is great, i see a lot of effort went into it. first of all, poor Moby. how he suffered so.

but at the end of the first part of the lore it says "the explosion" after he throws a match to the book, what exactly causes the explosion?

May i suggest that instead of the counselor saying "actually thats exactly what i was gonna say" it could be something like "The counselor stared at Moby with a emotionless look on his face as he struggled to understand how Moby knew the words he was about to speak. Moby smirked as he wished it was that easy and spoke to the speechless Counselor in a taunting tone, "Good luck" " , that's how i would do it. but thats just me. idk how you feel about it.

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Moby the White

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lots of edits to do and that was one of them

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Moby the White

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more lore updates done today

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Moby the White

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abilities updated

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Moby the White

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Almost done!!!! O_o

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Added sketch