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Is there a way to get back elo : afk 30% time in my loss games

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chances are higher in the other team of getting AFKs due your own champ reduces it in your own team

50-50 in both teams if your in one of them and you dont afk enemy team still have a 50% and your team a 40%

if you go to a 100% enemy takes the 75% of getting more afkrs than u do.

Same thing applies to "elo hell trolls" if you dont troll of course.

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first time Vayne

Senior Member


Man if you dont read all the quotes properly don't answer...pls lol. I'm saying only for afk at the start and <2mins....what in that you don't understand?

The part where you think I'm replying to it.

I said that your solution would work for teams who lose games where they had afks at the beginnings, but that people will still complain about afks that occur at other points in games. That's all.

I said that in the hopes that someone would have a viable idea for fixing the overarching problem -- that of general afks -- not an incomplete fix like yours.

Read other people's posts properly before you reply, and don't bring an attitude to our forums. Thanks.